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History of Surf Life Saving
The sport of Surf Life Saving has its roots firmly planted in Australia, where millions of people every year use the sea and beaches more safely than ever before. It was originally born from local beach users watching out for each other whilst in the water, and from this has grown into a worldwide recognised sport. It has reached out for sponsorship and has attracted companies such as DHL and Kellogg's to name two.

A Role in Education
Education and awareness at the beach plays a vital role in aquatic safety at not only the coast but also wherever people use water. Surf Life Saving Clubs could provide a vital link.

In Australia Surf Life Saving is a major educational organisation. SLSA currently provides education packages through its Surf Survival, Surf Awareness, Surf Smart and Surf Safety programs. SLSA also extends its school education to rural and remote communities through its ‘Beach to Bush’ program.

Here in the UK, school education programs could provide a popular and important introduction to the beach environment for many children. We are hopeful that education packages could be used for all age ranges. These programs would be specially designed to give students an understanding of the surf and beach environment and give them basic survival and rescue skills. Again, here, it could extend its school education to inland and rural areas.

A Healthy Lifestyle
Whilst being an active sport, now more than ever are we aware of how important it is to look after yourself, both physically and mentally. Training for any sport requires a healthy body and an active mind. Surf Life Savers swim, run, surf and train for rescues using a range of equipment and craft such as, rescue tubes, boards, surf skis and mannequins. Training takes place in the sea and in local leisure centres.

Could you be a Surf Life Saver?
A surf life saver is a person who demonstrates character and skill. They are fit, skilled, team oriented and adaptable. We commit time and energy to maintain a high level of skill through ongoing training. Surf Life Saving Sport presents our members with a unique challenge.
There is no other sport that is based on a humanitarian service - that of saving lives at the beach and in the sea. In order to participate at a Senior level, competitors must be qualified for lifesaving duties, but they remain lifesavers first, and competitors second.
All events are based on the skills required by lifesavers and lifeguards and the equipment used by them in carrying out their duty, but it provides one of the most, exciting, colourful and eco-friendly of all sporting activities that you could wish to see.

Surf Life Saving Sport is organised at several different levels to suit the individual:

Sharks - from 5 - 7
Nippers – from 7 -13
Juniors - from 13 - 19
Seniors - from 16 - 30
Masters - from 30 upwards
IRB (In-shore Rescue Boat)

From local Club events, to Regional and National Championships, there are many opportunities to get involved. At the highest level, we join forces with our colleagues in RLSS UK to select our best lifesavers to represent Great Britain at World and European Championships. In Europe, we are recognised as the number one nation in Surf Life Saving Sport.

Who Are We?
There are over 80 clubs in the UK, with members who compete worldwide. Saunton Sands SLSC is proud to hold the title of Super Club of the Year for the now sixth year. Our members travel the country and the world every year for competitions and education. We are the level to which all other clubs aspire to be, our coaches are committed to bringing the best out in all members and are ready to take their knowledge to the community. We have links with local organisations, Braunton Youth Forum and larger organisations such as Sport for All.

We are self funding and after appearing on the BBC’s ‘Level-Up’ television program, the demand for information about Surf Life Saving almost swamped clubs country wide!


The home of local volunteers helping to make our beach a safer and more enjoyable place for everyone! .

A cool sport it may be, but is also a serious one!

SurfLifeSaving GB .

We are also pleased to announce we have received funding from 'Sport England Small Grants Fund',
'Sport England Sports Match Fund' and 'Awards for All'!